The Road to Property Ownership

The Road to Property Ownership

Are you afraid of buying a property because you think it means you’ll have to stop holidaying overseas, socialising with friends or spoiling yourself with new clothes?

FOMO shouldn't stop you from buying a property because by following the right strategy you can still find a way to live the life you love.

That’s why I’m hosting my workshop called The Road to Property Ownership on Tuesday October 24th 2017 in Brisbane at the Emporium Hotel where you’ll:

  • Learn how to buy a property without compromising your lifestyle.
  • Discover what to look for when searching for the right property.
  • Recognise the patterns and cycles of the property market.
  • Understand how banks assess your lending potential and
  • Gain access to exclusive pre-public and off-market properties.

Becoming a homeowner has helped me achieve greater financial freedom and a lifestyle that many can only dream about.

Hence why I’d love to meet you so register your attendance by filling in your details in the form on the right hand side. It’s FREE so hurry because places are limited.

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Ayda Shabanz

I’m Australia’s leading Gen Y property and finance educator but, beyond that, I’m the straight-shooting friend we all need. When it comes to Gen Y my purpose is to help you achieve your dreams and show you - yes, YOU - how you can become a homeowner. Why am I so passionate about this?  Because when I was younger I had to learn about property investment on my own. I made some good decisions but there were some poor choices that could’ve been avoided if I had guidance back then. That’s why I want to help as many people as possible to learn from my mistakes.

So why listen to me? I’ve gone from struggling to pay my rent in a share house as a teenager to today owning an extensive property portfolio. I’m the Co-Founder of several multimillion-dollar property and finance companies, having began my career over 15 years ago as a debt consolidation consultant. I regularly contribute to Your Investment, Your Mortgage, Domain, The Courier-Mail, Sydney Morning Herald, Sky News, 4BC and Cosmopolitan, when not long ago being a female in this industry meant my opinion wasn’t valued. Come along and learn skills you’ll value for life.


Emporium Hotel - Frangipani Room
1000 Ann Street, Fortitude Valley
Queensland, 4006
Tuesday October 24th 2017
6:15pm for a 6:30pm start
Note: food and refreshments will be provided.


CUB Club - Entertainment Lounge
3 Kings Cross Road, Potts Point
New South Wales, 2011
Tuesday November 14th 2017
6:15pm for a 6:30pm start
Note: food and refreshments will be provided.

You're Invited

I’m excited to invite you to my next Brisbane workshop called The Road to Property Ownership on Tuesday October 24th 2017 at the Emporium Hotel. Beginning at 6:15pm for a 6:30pm start, I’m hosting this event to teach the next generation of investors how they can purchase property in today’s market. Like all Millenials who have previously attended my workshops, I guarantee you’ll leave this event more confident about entering the market.

"At first I thought buying a property I would have to sacrifice a lot of things. The team at Grow showed me it was a lot easier and simpler than I thought." - Tayla Downey 

The People's Champion

 "I attended one of Ayda’s workshop with limited expectations. Ayda gives great motivation, breaking down the figures for you to digest. I would recommend Ayda not just for property but for financial advisory. She’s personable and incredibly sharp. The difference with Ayda is that she cares about your financial and investment success. For anyone wanting to get into property investment, Ayda's workshop is a great start."

Oanh Chin

"I attended Ayda’s Road to Property Ownership workshop in February at the Hilton Hotel in Sydney. I had no real expectations going into the workshop except that I would learn something about property investment. Within six months of meeting Ayda and her team, I was able to fulfil my dream of owning a property. Without her knowledge and assistance in the matter, I wouldn’t have been able to get to where I am today."

Kenny Pham